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 Exploring About Businessman-Hassan Jameel   

When fortune appears, take advantage. This Arabic saying lies at the foundation of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), owned by a family and covering the world. The proverb implies that we should use opportunities when they come our way and appreciate their potential to shape our futures, regardless of how unsettled it seems.

Despite this, knowing exactly when or which way the winds of change are blowing is challenging in today’s complex and varied global economic climate. Business owners have to make decisions about taking prudent chances, choosing their long-term directions, and preparing for the future with digital technology. Managing the wind is much more effective than randomly going along with a chance wind.

As Vice Chairman and Deputy President of ALJ, Hassan Jameel works alongside his family to manoeuvre the organization’s business prospects and ensure it continues to prosper internationally. Learn more about Hassan Jameel

ALJ has capitalized on numerous opportunities over the past 75 years, transforming from a humble gas station into an esteemed worldwide multifaceted manager and investor. The business is proud to have a powerful representation across 30 nations, crossing multiple industries ranging from engineering and property to consumer goods. Its long-term plan is to take advantage of technology to shake up its main sectors – Mobility, Energy, Healthcare and Finance – to prepare for prospective market modification.

Close to a decade ago, the Hassan Jameel Family decided to research the potential of auto manufacturing, making them an important backer of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian. With their history in automobiles, the family saw that moving into electric vehicles held potential chances to venture into the United States, which is known for its huge demand for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

According to Hassan Jameel, when considering which industries to invest in, it is essential to determine what that field might look like twenty years from now and inspect the risks related to that sector. ALJ concluded that hazards were more meager for the fields they already had expertise in and bargained with firms in amounts until both sides built up trustworthiness in one another. This thorough, careful tactic reduces prospective risks and creates resilient alliances.