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Eric Lefkofsky, Health Care Entrepreneur through Merging Medicine with AI Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Tempus, a company that seeks to advance health care technology by combining medicine with the practical use of Artificial Intelligence. He created Tempus in 2015, and the company has as its underpinnings. Eric Lefkofsky states how Tempus is the largest library of clinical and molecular data in the world. Tempus is thus able to team up with patients, researchers, and physicians to provide the best healthcare available. 


The latest and extremely promising use of this database has seen Tempus team up with Cedars – Sinai Cancer Center in what is termed the Molecular Twin Initiative. Through the use of AI technology, Tempus helps create a laboratory twin of a cancer patient’s DNA and RNA protein. According to Eric Lefkofsky, cancer patients at Cedars-Sinai will have duplicate samples from tumors, blood, and tissue that will be used to provide an extensive database of such cancers, and the AI technology of Tempus will let physicians and researchers use those Molecular Twins.


This, as a stand-in for the real thing in experiments to help identify possible approaches towards a cure, or at least the slowing down of advancing cancers. Once the database is flushed out by Cedars-Sinai and Tempus. The hope in the future is that physicians will receive a custom computer readout of the best options toward treating said cancers, and if no model is found to be ideal, at least the physician will be guided toward the use of the best trial methodologies to try. Eventually, as Eric Lefkofsky states, it is hoped the Tempus technology will be mature enough to detect and provide preventative proactive cancer treatment, rather than waiting for cancer to develop. 

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