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ElectrifAi:Driving Business Value

ElectrifAi is the most comprehensive business intelligence tool for mid-market companies available. Find hidden insights through data visualizations, predictive analytics, and agile BI. The company lowers the barrier to successful data-driven decisions by providing a single dashboard with no coding or technical skills required. With ElectrifAi, companies can gain insight into their business through technology the same way large enterprises do. According to its CEO, Edward Scott, the company is based on its belief that data can drive better business decisions and increase growth. Successful mid-market companies have always used data to drive decisions, but in the past, it has often been expensive and cumbersome.

The Challenges Mid-Market Companies Face

Mid-market companies have to face the same challenges as enterprises but differently. With mid-market companies, growth is the name of the game, and data has become the fuel for their engines. These companies realize that data will improve their profitability and capabilities, enabling them to grow faster. Many mid-market companies include data collection in their business strategy and know they need to use data to help them grow. The growth of mid-market companies is being fueled by new technologies available to them. As cloud services and mobile applications have become more mainstream, these new technologies have made it easier for mid-market companies to gain access to data. Data has also become a commodity that can be collected easily from unique sources like social media, smart devices, and website analytics.

How Prebuilt ElectrifAi Solutions Give Mid-Market Companies A Leg Up

ElectrifAi offers pre-built solutions that allow companies to get started using data to drive their businesses. These pre-built solutions are designed for specific objectives, like detecting business opportunities, improving customer satisfaction, or increasing sales. ElectrifAi’s pre-built solutions provide dashboards that business users can use immediately to see the value of data. The dashboard visualizations can be easily customized and shared with others in the organization to show others the importance of data.

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