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Edgard Corona and Gym Academics

It normally is said that the best way to learn is through mistakes. This is because making mistakes allows individuals not to make the same choices again, hence enabling learning. Corona has built his business into becoming a success through learning from his start up mistakes. His lack of expertise while venturing into the exercise business did not stop him from being successful and building the most popular gym in Brazil. His success has also changed the general view towards exercise in Brazil and encouraged many people to join the movement to become physically fit. Below is an account of Corona’s journey towards building SmartFit.

Early History

Edgard Corona started his entrepreneurial journey by starting a material analysis laboratory along with a clothing store just to earn extra income. He had a chemical engineering certification which he used in managing the laboratory. He later sold the two businesses to work in his family sugar mill in Sao Paulo. This venture allowed him to join his family academy which was initially a very lucrative investment which eventually became the first Ritmo Academy. Refer to this article to learn more.

Building of Bio Ritmo

Shortly after the academy was built, Edgard Corona experienced a physical injury that made him quit the family-owned business. This allowed him to pay close attention to the gym as he tended to his injury through therapy classes. The business experienced various losses but since the economy of Brazil was growing Bio Ritmo was able to expand into other locations.

Becoming SmartFit

Edgard Corona expanded the gym academies into other locations such as Forma which was located inside a mall. The gym attracted many students due to its close proximity to Eldorado Shopping Centre. Despite these advancements, Edgard realized that there lied great potential for economic growth. He invested in an architect that was not from Sao Paulo and come up with a sophisticated design. He then brought in help from the USA who invoked the conversation of reaching the right audience. This effort made them realize a lot of profit in the process since a lot of students were reached. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.