CEO Investor


Don Manifold is the co-owner and Director of Equity & Advisory. He has his firm called Manifold Advisory Partners. Before these positions, Manifold started his professional career in Adelaide. Later Don worked as Managing Partner at EY situated in South Australia and the Northern Territory. He later headed the Transaction Advisory Partners. Don Manifold is recognized for his expertise in acquisitions, mergers, and divestments.

Through Don Manifold’s extensive career, he has been the advisor for over 60 completed acquisitions, capital raising, IPOs, and divestments and earned a revenue of $3 billion all combined. He has been the head of preparations for expert reports and valuations for organizations to a total of $25 billion. Don has worked for high-end deals like the S.Kidman and company.

Don has worked in many industries like information technology, retail, consumer goods, and agriculture. He has concluded deals in many countries like Melbourne, Sydney, London, Adelaide, Croatia, and Papua New Guinea. Don has good international business knowledge and sensitivity to cultural expectations and norms.

Manifold has worked for 15 years, and in this work experience, he has gotten enough trust from clients. His clients believe that Don can solve any potential path and integrate it with transaction strategies without compromising on work ethics or the agreement.

Equity & Advisory is a group of prominent business leaders formed in 1997 by Mark Vartuli and Stephen Young. Every member must have at least held a partner or director position and, at the moment, chairs as a board member for a recognized company. The combination brings brilliant business perspectives to clients. Don Manifold became a member of Equity & Advisory in 2018.

Manifold believes that the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur include being relentless and persistent, having great people skills, and understanding cash flow. Having execution skills and having great people skills are some of the keys that ensure growth, and a cash flow story is a survival technique for development to know more click here.