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Don Manifold Works Hard To Make Money For Others

Don Manifold is from a small city in South Australia. He attended Flinders University in Adelaide, where he started his first job in 1990. After spending time in London, Sydney, and Melbourne in 2006, Manifold returned home to Adelaide. KPMG hired him after he finished school. At the time, he was advising on international transactions in several countries, including Croatia, England, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. From 2012 to 2018, Ernst and Young (EY) employed Don Manifold in South Australia. He began at EY as the head of the Transaction Advisory division. By the time Manifold left the company, he was a managing partner.

After leaving EY, Don Manifold became the Joint Managing Director of Equity & Advisory. Equity & Advisory is a corporate advisory firm with offices in several countries. In 2018, he also founded his own company called Manifold Advisory Partners. Manifold Advisory Partners work with companies that need guidance in developing and executing business strategies.

The company works with companies worldwide. Manifold plans to grow his company by focusing on the growing markets in South Australia. The idea is to provide wealthy clients with investment opportunities in private companies in South Australia. As more opportunities develop, Manifold hopes to offer the same opportunities in other Australian states.

Since starting his career, Manifold has advised companies in over 60 mergers, divestments, capital raising, acquisitions, and more, totaling more than $3 billion. He is also responsible for performing independent valuations on businesses that totaled more than $25 billion. Manifold is often quoted by business publications regarding his view on current business topics, especially the topic of pending transactions.

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