David Bolno Shares His View On Philanthropy

David Bolno is an accomplished business management professional who believes that philanthropy and efforts to give back to the community and families benefit everyone in various ways. 

On a large scale, philanthropy has always contributed to the community because of the different ways it helps implement social change. 

The support given to nonprofit organizations supporting worthy causes enables them to continue their mission for at least an additional day. For example, they can continue supplying children with free lunch, books, and other educational resources throughout the school year. 

These organizations have more benefits because even though they offer short-term benefits, they permanently impact the people they help. That way, they can carry the philanthropic spirit and hopefully someday pay it forward, sometimes for generations. 

Many people usually consider philanthropy as society’s foundation. While we all want to be successful and provide for our loved ones, supporting other community members contributes to better living and working spaces. 

David Bolno understands that many people feel compelled to give back to communities and families because it is the right thing to do. However, being a realist, he feels the importance of sharing some primary benefits people get from being charitable. 

One of the main benefits he has enjoyed over his philanthropic life is better social interactions. Since he was young, active community involvement exposed Bolno to different points of view, which gave him a better understanding of the world and his roles in it. 

He also acquired qualities like improved competence, higher self-confidence, and life satisfaction, which have played a significant role in his career success. While philanthropic work comes with numerous benefits, Bolno said that was not his motivation, but he welcomed them all. 

While many focus on huge philanthropic activities, David Bolno says that even small actions have numerous benefits. Taking time in the day to focus on helping others instead of focusing on your problems helps give you a break and appreciate your life more. 

It can also help you find better things to direct your energy into, which helps eliminate bad habits.

David Bolno also says there are numerous ways to help the community than monetary donations. These include volunteering, mentoring, or using a well-developed social media platform to raise awareness and attract donors.