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Citizen, The Safety app explained

Citizen is a safety app that offers users online, offline, and voice-based security solutions. The company has claimed to have over 6 million Citizen-enabled devices. But what is Citizen? How does it work? And can it offer such a comprehensive solution in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT)? This article explores these questions and gives readers a high-level overview of the project and its user experience before further detail about how powerful this device could be.

What is Citizen?

Citizen App is a decentralized security application for Android, iOS, and other devices. Citizen app offers users an easy-to-use interface that allows them to quickly make emergency calls to the local police department through its free mobile app or more traditional voice call. The device itself works in two ways: directly with a smartphone and as a standalone device. Users will be able to speak with emergency services by simply pressing the single button on the device itself or through their smartphone app.

How Does Citizen Work?

Citizen App works by allowing users to securely store voice recordings and their critical information and contact details in the cloud. Using a verified app (a mobile app on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone), users can safely store these vital data, including the ability to speak directly with emergency services without needing a smartphone. The device itself is a small key that allows users to confirm their identity with an NFC tap against a smartphone. As the company puts it, “the purpose of citizen device is to secure and provide your critical information to the emergency response center.”

In addition, the device also includes a panic button which is activated by long-pressing the single button on the unit itself. The citizen app is then automatically activated and connects to emergency services that can track the call through GPS to find where a user with an urgent need for help can be found. See this article to learn more.


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