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Cirque du Soleil: The Circus of the Sun — You Can't Miss This!

There’s a good reason why shows in Vegas attract visitors from all over the world all year round: because they’re unique, colorful, and dazzling. Because they create memories for a lifetime. One thing you must see in Vegas is Cirque du Soleil. In fact, of all the shows in Vegas, Cirque du Soleil is one of the few with universal appeal to people of all ages from every walk of life.

Cirque du Soleil means “Circus of the Sun” in French. “The sun symbolizes youth, energy, and strength,” explained the troupe leader Guy Lalibert√©. Originating outside of Quebec in the 1980s, this remarkable assemblage of street performers elevated novelty circus entertainment into an ever-changing art form. Full of motion and emotion, the shows present vivid lighting, music, acrobatics, dance, and surprises. Even a bit of magic. Although the troupe travels internationally, it has a permanent venue in Las Vegas with its own custom-built theater. Shows also play in Disney Springs in Florida near Orlando.

The cast members and professional artisans of the modern Cirque du Soleil come from 55 countries, adding an exotic cosmopolitan punch to the group. Each performer is a creative specialist who revels in spontaneous creative liberty. For this reason, every show is one-of-a-kind. Whatever mood you’re in before the interactive show starts, you’re sure to experience a dazzling range of deeply personal responses as the production captures your imagination. If you’re planning a special trip to the Grand Canyon/Los Angeles area, Cirque du Soleil is a phenomenon you must see in Vegas!

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