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Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy is a consultancy for internet marketing and entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of IM Masters, a social media academy that helps people in various countries to get better at social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company claims to be “The World’s Leading Social Media Academy for Entrepreneurs”.

In recent years, he and his team have broken world records like the first ever paid Instagram post and the most retweets on a single Facebook post. He has taught people how to plant and grow videos on YouTube, how to grow their YouTube channel, how to build an audience for their podcast or video series, how to create an email list, connect with bloggers in different countries and more. He is also known for his speaking skills on a number of topics such as internet marketing, sales online and remote work.

Christopher Terry is a social media influencer who has an estimated 98k followers following him on Instagram. In addition, he has over 130k followers on Twitter and 100k followers on LinkedIn. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder, Christopher Terry, is also the CEO and Business Strategy Consultant of a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, US called IM Masters. The company provides coaching, consulting services and social media strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

An entrepreneur himself, Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy has been known to help brands connect with their audience better with social media. He has worked with companies in the travel industry like Delta Airlines, hotels (Sheraton), universities (Georgia Tech), schools (ITP), real estate and more.

Christopher started his entrepreneurship journey when he was in college at Georgia Tech. While still a student, he ran an online business that sold graphic designers banners for cheap prices with an average size of 20 square inches. After just a few months of operation, he had built up a healthy customer base. Instead of graduating, he decided to run his business full-time. He left Georgia Tech with good grades and moved to California to grow his business further.

He has worked with small businesses that wanted to get customers from social media as well as Fortune 500 companies, helping them on their business strategies. In addition, he has been known as a guest lecturer at Georgia Tech’s business school where he taught students how to create an online marketing strategy through social media platforms. In his earlier years (before 2006), Christopher Terry was the Vice President of Sales for an internet company in Atlanta. Refer to this article, for related information.


Visit his YouTube channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vAHGRJOIlwrP7heU3OtRg