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Chichi Eburu Helps Small Business Owners

When banks support business ventures they do so in hopes of earning a profit. That’s understandable. It’s quite another thing when a business owner supports another business owner. Chichi Eburu is the founder of Juvia’s Place. As the founder of a company, Chichi Eburu understands exactly what kind of challenges her fellow business owners face every single day. She wants to provide ways to make the founding and running of a small business a lot easier. She particularly wants to focus on helping her fellow black business owners enter the world of business and do well. She knows there can be many obstacles in the way. This can make it harder for a black business owner to find the financing they need to bring an idea to fruition. She only had two thousand dollars on hand when she first began to dream of founding a company of her own.

Juvia’s Place Small Business Grant

Juvia’s Place Small Business Grant is a new venture by highly respected Black business woman Chichi Eburu. The purpose of the grant is to help someone else with big ideas who might lack to funds to bring them to life. She is well aware of the fact that many Black entrepreneurs can find it very hard to find access to seed money. This is why she wants to focus on this segment of society. Her own business took off only with minimal resources. Her program will award fifty thousand dollars to six recipients. All applicants must be based in the United States. They must also be African-American. She wants to provide lots of opportunities to help members of her community. Putting her money up is one way for her to return the support she’s been provided in her own life and work.

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