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Changing the World through Humanitarian- Bhanu Choudhrie

Giving back to the community is a way of appreciating what you have. Once you are financially successful, it is crucial to help others in society through charity. Bhanu Choudhrie is an excellent example of a successful person who gives back to the community through humanitarian activities. Bhanu says he learned about giving back to the community through his family when he was still young. According to the Hindu culture, you get more when you give back to the community.

When Bhanu Choudhrie the founder of Alpha Aviation Group was a child, he visited the abled differently in his home country India. His family had taken it as their responsibility to care for the blind, orphans, and the less fortunate in the community. Bhanu explains that a child in a developing country might lack basic needs like education, shelter, and medical help, something that might not be taken seriously.

In India, a child from a poor background might lack uniform and other needs meaning that that child will not attend classes. On the other hand, in developed countries, such children with disabilities get an education and good medical care.

Bhanu Choudhrie CEO Alpha Aviation Group mentioned that children in the United Kingdom and the United States take the care they are given for granted, and education to them is a forced activity, not knowing that other children are graving for it. To help the countries and communities to have basic needs like education, food, and shelter, Bhanu Choudhrie and his mother founded Path to Success.

This organization operates in the United Kingdom and India. Bhanu got the urge to help others from his grandmother. Path to Success is responsible for providing education to those in need and are serious, assisting the abled differently, and supporting those with financial needs.

Bhanu and his mother, Anita, have impacted people’s lives through Path to Success for over 20 years. It is their pride to know that they cannot change the world as an individual, but they can change the life of an individual in the world.

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