Bhanu Choudhrie

Some Business Insights From Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is the proprietor of Alpha Aviation Group, a prominent family-run private equity firm with global commercial interests in the aviation, real estate, finance and hospitality, technology, healthcare, and utilities industries. Alpha Aviation Group was founded in 2002 in London and functions as a holding company for private investors who have participated in venture […]


Mitto COO Ilja Gorelik – Recent Press Recaps

Customer engagement is essential in today’s competitive business environment. To provide a seamless experience for customers across multiple channels, companies need to create a single point of contact for customers to interact with their brand. This approach helps to build trust and loyalty with customers and enhances their overall experience. Join us at Fintech Nexus […]


Stephen Bird

Stephen Bird, CEO of investment firm Abrdn, has been a strong advocate of reverse mentoring, a practice in which senior executives are mentored by younger, less experienced employees. Bird has embraced this approach as a way to gain a fresh perspective on business issues and to stay in touch with the younger generation of workers. […]


How John Hailer Led an Industry-wide Shift in Investment Portfolio Construction at Natixis

John Hailer, the former CEO of Natixis Investment Managers, is credited with leading a transformative shift in the way investment portfolios are constructed. During his tenure, John Hailer championed a move away from traditional asset allocation models and towards more innovative, outcome-oriented strategies. John Hailer recognized that traditional asset allocation models were too heavily focused […]

Business Leader

Robert Kraft: Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group

Hailing from Brookline, Massachusetts, Robert Kraft is a prominent American businessman born on June 5, 1941. He is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of the Kraft Group. He is also an investor whose business portfolio ranges from various ventures to private equity investments. These include real estate, sports, entertainment, paper, and packaging. Robert Kraft attended […]



Don Manifold is the co-owner and Director of Equity & Advisory. He has his firm called Manifold Advisory Partners. Before these positions, Manifold started his professional career in Adelaide. Later Don worked as Managing Partner at EY situated in South Australia and the Northern Territory. He later headed the Transaction Advisory Partners. Don Manifold is […]