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Biography on business professional Joey Feste

Joey Feste is a business professional that currently works for KM Capital Management as a senior managing partner from Austin, Texas. According to details from his main website, Joey Feste has been serving clients for over 30 years. He attended and graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s in economics. After completing his schooling in the year 1987, Joey Feste got a job at Rotan Mosley, currently known as Paine Webber, where he worked as an investment advisor representative. He has worked as an investment advisor for some time as he also earned a role at Morgan Stanley.

While at Morgan Stanley, he managed money for some athletes and provided other services to clients. The business professional then made the decision to launch his own firm known as KM Capital Management in 2004. The firm works to help clients develop and create financial plans that fit their agenda and lifestyle. Feste also runs his own blog where he posts financial advice for investors and everyday people. A quote found on his website that was said by him in an Ideamensch interview shows his kind nature. The quote summarizes his advice for people to be nice to one another because they could not know what that individual is going through in their everyday life. People can connect with Joey Feste on many platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Crunchbase, Medium, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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