Bhanu Choudhrie Business Expert

Bhanu Choudhrie, the creator of C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in June 1978 in New Delhi, India. He has sustained his career through his incorporation as a strategic capitalist, benefactor, and originator of C&C Alpha Group. Mr. Choudhrie governs investments in real estate, healthcare, aviation, banking, utilities and hospitality sectors. As the creator of C&C Alpha Aviation Group, Choudhrie’s investment plans facilitate the spawning of new companies and support ripe enterprises to reach their goals. As a scholar, Bhanu Choudhrie attended Boston University, where he scrutinized International Business & Advertising. After graduating from Boston University, Mr. Choudhrie was admitted to the Proprietor Management Program at Harvard Business School.

In 2001 Bhanu Choudhrie created C&C Alpha Aviation Group. Underneath his direction is a comprehensive and profitable investment portfolio with a reputation for thriving investments in developing markets like India and the Philippines. Choudhrie is an involved businessperson with various seats on managing boards. In the United States, he presently serves as a Partaker of the Board of Directors while occupying the Executive and Risk Committees for Customers Bancorp. Preceding its absorption by Ameris in May 2018, Bhanu Choudhrie was also a partaker of the Board of Directors for Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation Further committees for the society initially taking part during his tenure connected with Executive Committee, Capital Management, Amends, Audit & Governance & Nomination Committees.

During his career, Choudhrie has received many honours for his services to society together as an entrepreneur & philanthropist. In 2008, UK’s Asian Voice Political & Public Life Awards endorsed Bhanu Choudhrie as their Entrepreneur Of The Year. Bhanu Choudorius has taken an active task in diverse merciful organizations, mainly appreciated for work associated with Path To Victory, which seeks to lend aid to those who don’t have free instruction privileges & sustain individuals with lengthily-lasting well-being issues alongside narrow financial resources.

In conclusion, Choudhrie is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He has achieved success in his career through his strategic investments and the founding of C&C Alpha Group. His commitment to charitable causes has been recognized with numerous awards and honours.