An Outstanding Social Media Networking Application

Yubo is a renowned social media platform co-founded in 2015. The application has been of positive impact on its users who have managed to interact and socialize with people from all walks of life and different diversities. The company has been growing gradually since its establishment thanks to its determined co-founders always striving towards ensuring its success. Currently, the company has an average 60 million active subscribers. The developers of the application were campus students pursuing computer science and engineering. The group of developers for this application are so passionate about programming and innovation, contributing factors to their growth.

The owners of this application explain their reason behind the development of the application as being to provide a platform that will help bring people globally together. The cost of communication especially with people overseas was becoming expensive but through this social media application, communication was made easier. The platform created by Yubo would be integral in communication, sharing ideas, sharing mutual interests, and engaging in virtual meetings.

The owners of Yubo are not only investors but also philanthropists whose focus is on raising funds to support the growth of younger tech companies. Examples of firms that have thrived as a result of the support from this tech company include Idinvest Partners and Village Global, to name a few. The tech industry has experienced fast growth because of the support from this top-ranking firm. The social media network is also experiencing fast growth, evident from billions of friendships, millions of live streams, and communication made through the platform.

The firm’s revenue growth in 2020 was outstanding, contributed by the outbreak of the dreaded Coronavirus that forced several firms to shift to online working. Companies were forced to adopt the use of social media platforms in communication. The firm has also established subsidiaries in Jackson and London, to help streamline its services.