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Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance of attorneys and organizations defending religious and parental rights in America and around the world.

With a vision to end religious discrimination, the organization provides legal services in cases where religious liberty is at stake. It has achieved many accomplishments—including a strategic victory before the U.S. Supreme Court—in its fight for religious freedom and expression, parental rights, education, sanctity of life, marriage and family, private property rights .

The “Theology Of Alliance Defending Freedom” is expressed through its mission statement, which explains that God has made all humans free, yet fallen into sin and cannot free himself. God chose to save humanity through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross as a perfect sacrifice for sin and not by mankind’s good works. Therefore, it is through faith in Christ alone that humans can be saved. It is therefore a ministry to help Christians fulfill their mission and task on earth.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been very active in opposing scientifically accurate sex education for children as well as other matters of public policy that affect religious liberties. It has been involved in the same-sex marriage debate, challenging all “amendments” to the U.S. Constitution that support same-sex marriage or “marry” their opponents with litigation. It has also been involved in the religious liberty fight against insurance coverage of contraception as well as the right to refuse to provide services that violate their beliefs.

In addition, Alliance Defending Freedom, has been directly involved in the “ex-gay” movement, supporting clients who claim they can be made straight and against claims that homosexuality is genetic or innate.

It has established an affiliate organization called Liberty Institute, which is dedicated to defending religious freedom and supporting Christians participating in social issues that Alliance Defending Freedom believes are important. Liberty Institute was formed through an alliance with the law firm of Baker Hostetler, which specializes in defending religious freedom cases. Liberty Institute’s official web page may be viewed here. Refer to this article for additional information.


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