Alejandro Pena of Keter Group Talks about the Significance of Sustainability

Currently, many companies have put significant effort towards social and environmental issues. One of these companies includes Keter Group, a firm led by Alejandro Pena. The company manufactures resin-based garden products and home products.

At the moment, companies focusing on sustainability are on the verge of learning more about what ESG entails and how it will and can affect their business ventures. Some of these principles will also impact the communities where these companies operate. Customers will also have an opinion of their own. Fortunately, Keter is not among these organizations.

When Alejandro became Keter’s CEO, he understood that the main focus was not only on creating shareholder value. The company was also supposed to focus on the community and the environment.

Under the leadership of Pena, Keter has emerged as a leader in its industry. Instead of just following guidelines, the organization has ensured these guidelines are a part of the company’s philosophy.

While some companies lightly regard the ESG efforts, Pena believes ESG is here to make a significant difference in the marketplace. Pena has ensured Keter has a competitive edge by focusing on environmental sustainability. Some studies have also been conducted, indicating that consumers can spend more on services and products sourced sustainably. Alejandro Pena is confident that we’ll continue to see an evolution in the market since consumers are becoming more aware of the things that are beneficial to the environment. As a leader, Alejandro Pena is also focused on utilizing a customer-centric approach.