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Alejandro Pena and Keter: Creating Eco-Friendly Products

Today, more companies are as interested in prioritizing the well-being of the environment as much as individuals. These companies realize the negative impact the environment is taking due to product production and humans. Therefore, companies are interested in creating and selling eco-friendly products. Alejandro Pena and Keter are among those company’s.

Some of the benefits of eco-friendly products are:

  • Sustainability
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Conservation of resources
  • Made toxic free
  • Waste reduction
  • Consumer awareness and values

Keter is a global leader in indoor furniture and storage solutions. Along with their CEO, Alejandro Pena, the company remains special because they offer a more responsible and ethical choice to their consumers. They understand that their customers want to make a difference and contribute to a greener future and they want to be beneficial in that innovation.

That is the main reason they designed an environmentally friendly version of the adirondack chair. Their chair is known as the “Zero Wood Chair” and is made using recycled resin-based materials. Customers enjoy all the features of the chair, especially the fact that it requires no maintenance.

A significant plus for those wanting a greener future is that the Zero Wood Chair saves approximately 27 lbs of virgin wood and 50 trees for every 1,000 chairs they produce.

Keter has taken its commitment to sustainability beyond the adirondack chair. As a company, they focus on incorporating sustainability into their products, production, and materials. They have over 5,000 employees and are actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. They do this by using recycled contents in its manufacturing. That prevents over 680 metric tons of greenhouse gas emission. The measurement of saved greenhouse gas emission is equal to taking 565 passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

Alejandro Pena is taking Keter in new directions. They are fulfilling their commitment to sustainability with new product development using sustainable manufacturing techniques. Their approach will enhance consumer lifestyles without compromising the environment.