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About Sephora Global Chief Brand Officer Steve Lesnard Joins SOUNDBytes Podcast

Steve Lesnard, Sephora Global’s Chief Brand Officer, recently appeared on the SOUNDBytes podcast to discuss his journey in the beauty industry, the importance of brand storytelling, and the future of beauty.

Lesnard began his career in sports marketing, working for brands such as The North Face. He then moved into the beauty industry and joined Estée Lauder He Companies. He then joined Sephora as Vice President of Global Marketing in 2018 and was promoted to Chief Brand Officer in 2021. With extensive experience in both sports and beauty marketing, Lesnard has a unique perspective on the power of brand his storytelling.

Appearing on the SOUNDBytes podcast, Lesnard discusses the importance of creating a strong brand his story in today’s crowded marketplace. He emphasized the need for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level by telling compelling stories that evoke emotions and resonate with their values.

Lesnard also shared his thoughts on the future of beauty and the role technology will play in the industry. He emphasized the importance of leveraging data and AI to personalize the consumer shopping experience and offer more inclusive and diverse products.

One of his key takeaways from Lesnard’s appearance on the SOUNDBytes podcast was the importance of staying true to the brand’s values ​​and purpose. He emphasized that today’s global consumers demand trust and transparency from the brands they support. By staying true to their core values ​​and purpose, brands can build stronger connections with their customers and generate loyal fans.

Overall, his Lesnard appearance on the SOUNDBytes podcast was an interesting discussion about the power of brand his storytelling and the future of the beauty industry. As Sephora continues to lead the beauty world, it is clear that Lesnard’s extensive experience and innovative thinking will help the brand continue to succeed.