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About Mo Katibeh, The President of RingCentral

As the President & Chief Operating Officer of RingCentral, Mo Katibeh is in charge of the sales, marketing, customer service, and strategy for RingCentral. Mo Katibeh is the visionary behind the multi-million-dollar RingCentral Executive Plan and an established leader in enterprise applications. Mo Katibeh has been instrumental in building RingCentral’s first-in-class products for voice, video, conferencing, and collaboration that empower businesses to collaborate across their teams easily.

  1. What Does Your Typical Day Look Like, And How Do You Make It Productive?

My typical day is packed full of meetings, calls, and emails. There are so many things going on at any given time that you have to juggle a lot of plates to stay on top of your game and be successful. You have to be organized, and you have to manage many different activities. Still, the key is managing everything in such a way that allows you to manage your tasks, priorities, and the speed with which they get done.

  1. How Do You Bring Ideas to Life?

You have to be able to articulate your vision and make sure that you have the best people around you. Everyone has a different skill set, and having the right team helps execute your idea in the best way possible.

  1. What Do You Think Makes A Startup Stand Out?

The best startups can see three or four moves ahead and have the clarity of vision to execute it. You need to be able to identify the right customers for your product, know how you’re going to market yourself, and know what channels you’re going to use. In addition, great startups also take risks, but not so much that they fail spectacularly too quickly.

  1. What Habit Makes You More Productive as An Entrepreneur?

One habit that helps me tremendously is staying focused on the task and not looking around too much. If I look around, I’m distracted, but if I focus on the task at hand, my mind will stay clear, and I’ll be able to complete it in a timely fashion.