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The Field And Cloud Inventory Need

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — APRIL 28, 2021 — KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — Cloud Inventory® – Field Inventory, a leading provider of innovative inventory management solutions, is pleased to announce that its solutions will be available for integration with the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the coming months. Salesforce is a leading provider of […]


Why Andrew Frame Is Investing In The Security Industry

In the modern world, there are very many conflicting roles between the private and the public sector. Traditionally, there have been some roles that have specifically been designed for private industry and the public sector. The government was professionally organized, which means that there were some clear boundaries on what a private organization would have […]

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Fortress Investment Group: A Brief Narration of the Company, and What’s On the Horizon

Founded in 1998, the firm has attracted over $100 billions of capital across its various investment products. More than 130 investment professionals are based in New York, Hong Kong, Houston, London, and other international locations. Fortress prefers a disciplined, long-term approach, paying high relative to peers, without forced selling. They know which assets will outperform […]